David Burton


A forager from way back, David Burton is also a food journalist for Cuisine magazine and the Dominion Post and a culinary historian (The Raj at Table, Faber & Faber, 1994, French Colonial Cookery, Faber, 2000, 200 Years of New Zealand Food and Cookery, Reed, 1983, Biography of a Local Palate, Four Winds Press, 2003).

His twenty-eight literary prizes include six book awards and ten Qantas Media Awards.


A Kiwi feast

EssayIngredients4 pāuaoilbutter6 cloves garliclarge bunch wild silverbeet16 stalks of samphire4 miniature bunches of sea grapes WORKING ON THE idea that the best rustic dishes convey a sense of place, this recipe speaks to the wider Pacific from Wellington’s wild south...

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