Daniel Jenkins (dec.)

Daniel Jenkins

Daniel Jenkins (1982–2017) was a writer and teacher from Armidale, NSW. His work appeared in One Book Many Brisbanes, The Lifted Brow, Wet Ink, The Word Vietnam, Asia Life magazine, and various university anthologies. He spent the best part of the past ten years travelling between Australia and Asia, and in 2017 returned from a year teaching in the Omani desert.


Revering the other

MemoirEACH DAY AT sunset I sit on my fourth-storey balcony in Oman and look out over the pastel-pink town, waiting for the pigeons. They always come at the same time, a huge flock of them weaving deftly through the...

Those boys from Jalaan

FictionRACHEL THERE WAS A cement wall separating the compound from the desert. The wall was three metres high. Purple wildflowers grew at its base, and would fall to the ground in heavy winds. During sandstorms, while the desert spluttered and sank...

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