Daniel Flitton


As diplomatic editor of The Age, Daniel Flitton writes on world affairs and Australia’s foreign policy.

In a career focused on international relations, he previously worked as an analyst for the Office of National Assessments, Australia’s peak intelligence assessment agency, specialising in threats that cross national borders – particularly terrorism and illegal migration. Prior to ONA, he held academic positions at the Australian National University and at Deakin University, where he developed a wide breadth of knowledge on the Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Daniel was a Fulbright scholar in early 2004, studying the Australia-United States alliance at Georgetown University in Washington DC. He has written analysis and articles for a range of publications, including The Age, The Canberra Times, Griffith REVIEW and other academic journals.


City life, country living

ReviewTHE US TELEVISION show Outback Jack is a strange twist on the modern obsession with "reality". Jack, a rustic Aussie bloke – complete with bush hat, long heavy knife and bad T-shirt – is dumped in the West Australian Kimberley region...

Tarnished dreams of new beginnings

ReviewIN THE LATE 19th century, a radical British journalist and his American wife set off from Sydney Harbour, sailing across the Pacific Ocean and around Cape Horn. After making landfall on the Argentine, they struck out over the South...

Electing for election

ReportageON FOOT, TRUDGING through the early January snow, freezing in minus-10-degree misery and trying to negotiate my way across the winding traffic lanes of Dupont Circle in Washington DC, I'm accosted by a man distributing leaflets. He's wearing a...

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