Colin Mills

Colin Mills graduated from the University of Queensland in 1987. He spent most of the period between 1986 and 2005 in Tokyo apart from brief stints in Singapore and London.

After a short time as a wire service journalist with Kyodo News Service he spent ten years as a Japanese equity analyst for several international investment banks before co-founding a Japanese equity hedge fund management company, Oberon Asset Management. Colin exited the financial service industry in 2008.


Slow burn

MemoirI WAS INITIATED into the Japanese investment-banking scene in a murky Tokyo izakaya in early 1988. Selling Japanese stocks to international investors was a new game – foreign securities firms had been permitted by the authorities to buy seats on the...

Icing and salt

FictionAFTER THE INITIAL impact, Eiji's feet slide backwards, carving tracks through the salted clay until his toes grip the straw bales at the edge of the ring. Everything stops, as if he has thrown out an anchor. His skin...

Ghost town

FictionI DIDN'T WANT to go back to the town that wasn't there. It was three months after the wave receded, and the network wanted a report on conditions in the north. They sent me in the first time, just...

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