CK Stead

CK Stead is one of New Zealand’s foremost  literary figures.

He is a distinguished novelist, literary critic, poet,  essayist and emeritus professor of English of the  University of Auckland.

Stead has won and been nominated for many prestigious awards and fellowships, including the Creative New Zealand Michael King Writers’ Fellowship in 2005.

Stead was made a Member of the Order of New Zealand in 2007. He is one of only two living NZ writers to hold  the ONZ.



FictionI'D HAD A successful trip to several South American countries and was boarding a LAN Air flight back to Auckland from Santiago, flying Economy as I always do, but reflecting that if my company, Preston Products, went on like...


PoetryLee Miller's Famous FotoShe was in the bathbeautifully readywhen the phone rang.Her boots, bloodedwith the mud of Auschwitz,stood to attention.There was a picture of Hitlerand other knick-knacks lined up against the wallto be shot.He pressed the shutterand raced to answer.  Richard...


PoetryRinging on a Sunday yourLondon doorbell holding the bookour friend Max insistsyou must have by handI find you like Everyman rumpledbetween one week′s end andthe start of the next, forgettingyesterday was Paris and tomorrowyour flightto Sydney. So while Lizzie(whose...

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