Christine Zorzi

Christine Zorzi is from Brisbane and now lives in New York where she practises law.

She has written for publications including Antipodes andCorrespondence. She is working on an opera libretto Lucia, about James Joyce’s daughter, for American composer Patrick Zimmerli.


The delegation

ReportageEverything must changeIn order that nothing changes– Giuseppe di LampedusaLONG BEFORE EIGHT-PACK units, a Mexican restaurant, two newsagents and a music school had bloomed on the hill like a rash on an unblemished cheek, our university share house had...

Beyond exile

EssayShe, poor lady, hath by sad experience learnt how good a thing it is never to quit one's native land.– EuripidesExiles feed on hope.– AeschylusMY GRANDFATHER CAME to Australia because he was sick of eating polenta and cheese, Zio...

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