Cassandra Pybus

Cassandra Pybus is a prize-winning author of twelve books of non-fiction published in North America, the UK and Australia. An independent scholar, she has held research professorships at The University of Sydney, Georgetown University in Washington DC, The University of Texas and, most recently, King’s College, London. She lives in Lower Snug, Tasmania.


Every path tells

MemoirWHEN I WAS in my middle thirties, I abruptly abandoned a long-term relationship and impulsively moved from Sydney to Melbourne, having accepted a job as a senior policy advisor on affirmative action for which I was manifestly unfit. Marooned in...

Journey through the apocalypse

Non-fictionHALF BURIED IN the sand, uprooted stalks of kelp are like splashes of dark blood against the white quartzite, ground fine as talc. In the translucent shallows, tendrils flounce lazily as the water gradually turns to turquoise then a...

China in the Tasmanian imaginary

EssayTHE SHARP CHILL of winter has settled upon southern Tasmania and I now rise at the same time as the sun to witness an eerily beautiful phenomenon unique to this part of the world. The 'Bridgewater Jerry' is caused...

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