Carmel Bird

Carmel Bird’s books include the novels The White Garden, Crisis and The Bluebird Cafe. Red Shoes is a novel in hard copy and on CD-ROM.

Carmel’s short story collections include Automatic Teller, The Common Rat and The Woodpecker Toy Fact. Her manuals for writers are Dear Writer and Not Now Jack – I’m Writing A Novel. She has edited the anthologies Daughters and Fathers, Relations and The Stolen Children.


Dreaming the place

EssayONCE UPON A time – and the story begins. Story is one of the most powerful tools in the minds of human beings, having deep and far-reaching cultural and political significance. It depends on language and imagination, two other...

The legacy of Rita Marquand

FictionSelected for Best Australian Stories 2006THE FIRST RITA Marquand oil painting I ever saw was at a garage sale on the sloping lawn of a huge old house in Launceston a few years ago. Ever since I was a...

East of the sun and west of the moon

EssayTHE NEW GIRLS is a 1979 novel by Beth Gutcheon. It relates the lives of five teenage girls, students of an expensive and exclusive girls' boarding school in New England, USA, in the 1960s, and is not a pretty story. It...

The ace of spades

MemoirSelected for Best Australian Essays 2010 THE ACE OF spades is the highest card in the deck, and is also the death card, used as such by American troops during the war in Vietnam. When an artist places this card...

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