Brian Robinson


Brian Robinson was raised on Waiben (Thursday Island) and is now based in Cairns. He has become known for his intricate prints, bold sculpture and innovative public art that present an intoxicating worldview where intriguing narratives, pop culture and symbols collide, and his work has featured in many exhibitions and collections nationally and overseas, including in Berlin, Noumea, Washington DC, New York, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. 


Pop mythology

In ConversationEven though I grew up on a small, remote island, I was still heavily influenced by television – particularly the sort of cartoons that would play on Saturday mornings, mornings before school, after school and so on. When it comes to DC and Marvel and all of those superheroes, for me that was ignited by my late grandfather Ali Drummond, my mother’s father, who had boxes of Phantom comics. Phantom was my early introduction to the strong, powerful male being who had supernatural strength and abilities.

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