Billy Griffiths

Billy Griffiths is a Melbourne-based writer and historian. He is the author of Deep Time Dreaming: Uncovering Ancient Australia (Black Inc., 2018) and The China Breakthrough: Whitlam in the Middle Kingdom, 1971 (Monash University Publishing, 2012).


Caring for country

ReportageSMALL FIRES STREAK the savanna beneath me, as the land is worked and cleaned. The gentle smoke on the horizon is sign of a healthy country. In the distance, disappearing into a soft haze, lies the rugged stone country...

A world in a grain of sand

MemoirTHE GUNS WERE the first to catch my eye. One, two, three of them, looming larger than life on the rock wall. One sits above a figure in white kaolin clay, hands on waist, pipe in mouth, broad-brimmed hat:...

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