Barbara Gunnell

Barbara Gunnell is a writer and editor based in London.

From 1992-97 she was Assistant Editor of the Independent on Sunday, Comment Editor of the Observer from 2002-2006 and Associate Editor of the New Statesman from 2006 until early in 2009.

She is a past-president of the National Union of Journalists and is currently a regular contributor to the Observer and an Associate of the thinktank Demos.

She is writing a book on the East End of London where she has lived for the past 30 years.


A bend in the river

ReportageTHE OPENING CREDITS of East Enders, the most watched television soap in Britain, show an aerial view of the River Thames snaking west to east through London on its way to the sea. The camera pulls out to reveal the...

Rebel, public nuisance and dreamer

EssayFor the launch of Griffith Review 32: Wicked Problems, Exquisite Solutions, Barbara Gunnell spoke with fellow journalist Margaret Simons to outline the arguments in 'Rebel, public nuisance and dreamer'.The compelling conversation explores how mainstream media outlets have dealt with Wikileaks...

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