Arnold Zable


Arnold Zable is an award-winning writer, storyteller, educator and human rights advocate. His books include Jewels and Ashes (Scribe, 1991) and Wanderers and Dreamers (Hyland House, 1998). Cafe Scheherazade (2001), The Fig Tree (2002), Scraps of Heaven (2004), Sea of Many Returns (2008), Violin Lessons (2011), The Fighter (2016) and The Watermill (2020) are all published by Text. His work has previously appeared in Griffith Review 6 and 42.



FictionTHIS IS HOW it began for those in flight: with the scent of the sea, the sun playing on water, the light refracted by the Laguna. The invaders who pursued them took fright. The islets and marshes, and the...

The attic

FictionSHE DOES NOT want to be seen. 'What is there to see,' she says. 'I am old.' She prefers to converse by phone. As she speaks she grows more resolute. She rages against the state of the world: 'So...

A boat called Brotherly Love

FictionON THE DAY they launched Brotherly Love, the whole village accom­panied them on the long descent to the bay. At the head of the procession, a step ahead of his two sons, walked Andonis. Behind them swayed Brotherly Love,...

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