Anna Krien

Anna Krien was born in Melbourne and grew up in St Kilda and became a writer of journalism, essays, fiction and poetry. She won the Australian Press Council Award when she was eighteen.

Since then she has had work published in The Big Issue, The Monthly, The Age newspaper, Best Australian Essays 2005 & Best Australian Essays 2006 – published by Black Inc, Griffith REVIEWVoiceworks, Going Down Swinging, COLORS, the program, Frankie magazine and Dazed & Confused.

Her book about the protests to save Tasmania’s old-growth forests, Into the Woods (Black Inc.), was recently published.


Still here

FictionENORMOUS THINGS ARE in the water now. Bull sharks roll below the surface and carp with whiskers like whips slip under the house. A great swatch of brown cloth, the water won't break – it just bulges and inhales...

Sorry Rocks

PoetryAt Uluruthe postman returns rocksthat look like they’ve beenchipped off a sunset.They arrive in padded bags,shoeboxes, take-away containersfrom all over the world,apologetic tourists trying to make goodor simply finding the rocklost its strange orange glowin the European light.Some are...

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