Andrew Stafford


Andrew Stafford is a freelance journalist and the author of Pig City (UQP, 2004; third edition 2014), a book about Brisbane, and Something To Believe In (UQP, 2019), a music memoir.


Dying wish

ReportageI believe in my mother’s inherent dignity and personhood, although we became strangers to one another years ago. I try to remind myself that, while her illness may have overtaken her, it does not define her, no matter how long it keeps her imprisoned.

Remaking nature

ReportageIN LATE 2014, Greg Roberts, a semi-retired journalist, was birdwatching along River Road in his local patch of Yandina on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It was an area he thought he was familiar with. He’d known the freshwater wetlands near...

Missing pieces

ReportageFOR FIVE DAYS over late August and early September in 2016, a strange case gripped the Australian media. A family of five abruptly went missing from their rural property east of Melbourne. They left their house unlocked, and all...

The last time I saw Grant

MemoirI WAS SCROUNGING for records in a little store in Brisbane's West End the last time I saw Grant. We were both regulars there and it was no surprise at all to see him wander in, bending to pick...

The final choice

GR OnlineThe Netherlands and Canada boast the most progressive VAD laws in the world. Time will tell how they might be tested. Time will also be the judge of whether Australian laws go far enough. Dementia Australia forecasts that 1.1 million people will be living with dementia by 2058.

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