Alan Vaarwerk

Alan Vaarwerk, born 1988, is a short fiction writer and aspiring editor and enthusiastic typesetter.

Originally hailing from Grafton NSW, he now lives in Brisbane. Alan completed his BA Honours in Creative Writing at Griffith University in 2010.

He is currently not working on a novel, but will start a short story collection tomorrow.


From what I hear

FictionBUT WHAT IF the cops see us?But what if you run out of money?But what if you miss your bus?But what if it rains and you don't have a jacket?But what if your house burns down while you're out?But...

Ground cover

GR OnlineTHAT WAS THE day the garbage didn't get picked up, and the day the house across the road burned down. Trish, whose flat shared a wall with mine, knew something was up.'Something's up,' she said, standing in her dressing...

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