Masako Fukui

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Masako Fukui is a writer and producer based in Sydney. She has been a freelance radio documentary producer at the ABC, as well as a bilingual print journalist. She was born in India to Japanese parents.


Embracing ugly feelings

MemoirTHE FIRST TIME I was hospitalised, my mother visited me in the dank psychiatric ward bearing a three-tiered lacquer bento box packed with handmade delicacies. I told her I couldn’t eat. She began to sob, and in between wet gulps,...

No, I’m not your ‘Asian model minority’!

EssayI HAVE A confession to make. Some years ago, while enjoying solace in a café, a well-nourished white bloke accosted me by thrusting his newly purchased cookbook in my face and demanding an autograph. ‘I love your recipes,’ he gushed....

When blossoms fall

Fiction Today in flower, tomorrow scattered by the wind – Such is our blossom life. How can we think its fragrance lasts forever? Vice Admiral Takijiro Onishi, Imperial Japanese Navy The day you bring your family to the new home in the...

Madame Butterfly’s revenge

Essay'She had enough long black hair, Japanese hair, to keep on drowning him forever,' – Richard Brautigan, Sombrero Fallout; A Japanese Novel (Simon and Schuster, 1976)PHIL, WHITE, MALE, in his early middle years, looks me up and down. 'Your...

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