Salvaged fragment from the recorded small morning hours rage of the vampire
of Silicon Valley 12

[                 ]woe to tetravalent metalloids

and over eager semiconductors!

Beards of purest silicon, skulls of purest silicon!

Hunchbacked high-octane flyers,

trenchant noise polluters of harshest blue-grey silicon!

[     ]

[       ]

[                                   ]

[         raze the mines         ]

I will pull out their chirping intestines

like drenched multi-spectral fur-ball glops

from their (techno-golems!) diamond enamelled

seven-nozzle mist-summon showers!

Curse cartoons!

Curse clichés!

Curse bad accents!

Curse the Japanese!

Curse their pictorial, surround sound eternity!

[       ]

[           ]

[       ]

[               ]

[                                !]

Their cold air spawn mansions!

Their snake-shaming cable kilometres!

Their fat wrapped, sugary,

caffeinated, pasty, blue-grey blooded,

skinny, cocained, shiny, too hot, icy necks!

Their desensitised light-speed

nocturnal humdrum daytime hum!

[       ]

[           ]

[                          Take your metaphorical

electrified mosquito racquets

to the rainbow torque fountains girls,

fly low, hear fast!

[       ]

[                                                   ]

[      ]

             [            green beans to remind me                     .]

             [                  The Witcher 3, Badland.]

             [3. 32 pressure cookers                  ]

             [             nails.]

             [5. 100 1 litre bottles of tomato sauce.]

Of the most common mass in the universe,

I will vice their many

obsidian-garbage bag blue-light faces on faces

and drive them from their butterfly insomnia

into the infinite wakefulness

of worst-stink, scalp-skinned, sand-paper pupil

untreatable bat hell!

Uber-bat-poltergeisted all spectral flames!

By Mary Magdalene’s dried tea bag

forever scattered remnants

ultimately unfindable,

by a pair of anti-matter slippers

on bony anti-matter hands

slammed to the Earth!


[       ]

[           ]



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