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Graph, noun, a diagram representing a system or network of connections, values or interrelations among two or more things.
-graph, suffix, combined with nouns to denote something represented or drawn in a specified way. e.g., 'pando-graph', an instrument that records experiences of a pandemic.


An inconclusive early morning linear graph about the fluctuations between hope and doubt.


A double-sided linear graph on the fence outside the cop-shop car park registering the decline in comfort people now feel around police and other authorities enforcing restrictions.


A plant-based linear graph mapping one small jasmine vine’s attempt to reach for the light in challenging times.


A seasonal magnolia, peg and clothesline graph tracing rising levels of mood in relation to the increase in spring flowers and sunshine.


A seaweed and sand scatter graph showing the intricacies and variations of being washed up.


A pie chart detailing the restoration of the soul during the first proper holiday after lockdown.


A dusty bush windscreen linear graph about the bliss of being free to travel again.

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