Opposite day

Today is opposite day

yesterday was Thursday, an ordinary day

but today – is different

the poor are rich

the rich fight over a pot of boiled rice

by the bank of the poisoned Lake Victoria, Tanzania

the sky is ocean the ocean is desert

the forest is a carpark

carparks are no stopping signs

no carparks are wide rapid rivers

no carparks are tree museums

For some today is not their day

but those down on their luck are riding high

their skin embossed with gems

aces brim from their gills 

they are un-smotable

no they’re somewhere over the rainbow...........

in a pearlescent glow they lay on mulberry silk clouds

plump with goose feathers & memory foam

here they are given rest

On this ahistorical day

all the horrible setbacks in my life 

have been transfigured into puppies

they waddle behind me, panting in procession

& try to lick my face, I rub their fuzzy bellies 

their tongues lighten as they bear gravity 

Survivors are now abusers

but abuse is now small kindnesses!

Like a double negative becomes a positive

we wade out of the mud stronger

un-besmirched – miraculous – ennoble

with open hearts, our eyes gleam a magic

gold tendrils cast out into ether

Today all the trees prance about

they go down to the water 

to splash in the lagoon

and we are all rooted.

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