Edition 47

Looking West


In Australia, the lure of bounty from mineral riches has drawn generations of fortune hunters to its western third. For some this was a stop on the road to a better place, for many a destination for new beginnings, but for its original inhabitants dislocation was inevitable. Griffith Review 47: Looking West provides rich insights into the history, environment, politics and creative impulses that inform the state.

Anna Haebich asks what is the culture that has bloomed in the isolation and resource-obsession of WA?

Former Premiere of Western Australia, Carmen Lawrence, examines a history of thoughtless plundering of natural resources in WA.

Award-winning author, Brooke Davis, explores a young girl’s transition into adolescence, capturing life on the tipping point from the seemingly unchanging world of childhood into one that involves more than just fun and games.

Psychedelic rock musician Nick Allbrook, frontman for Pond, gives his testament to the creative community of Perth.

Tim Winton talks to Madeline West about his latest book, Eyrie; his experience with environmental activism; how place, culture and spirituality affect his writing and the current conservative state of the publishing industry.

WA is on the cusp of reconciling the past and creating a new future. Looking West will challenge what you think you know about the state.

Looking West is a collaboration between Griffith Review and Curtin University.



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