Edition 11

Getting Smart


The battle over ideas in education is intense and seemingly never-ending.

Debates over government policy, private and public schools, universities, values, disadvantage, curriculum, funding, regulation, teaching, innovation and achievement are more impassioned than ever.

A lot is at stake in getting education right – especially for the next generation. It touches us all.

Education has long been central to creating opportunity and social equity – but the evidence suggests it may not be working as well as it should. The level of dissatisfaction is high and so are the stakes, but there are also remarkable success stories.

Getting Smart explores these issues and debates, proposes new ways of thinking about schools and universities and presents compelling personal tales of life-changing moments in and out of the classroom.

Published Feb 2006
ISBN: 9780733316722
Extent: 268pp
Paperback (234 x 153mm)


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