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The empowerment of women it is one of the most remarkable revolutions of the past century. But like all good revolutions it is still not settled.

In a generation women have taken control of their economic fate, risen to the most powerful political positions in the land and climbed to the top of the corporate ladder.

However, there still remains vast inequality between men and women across all measures, from economics to opportunity to security. Does access to power equate to actual power?

In WOMEN & POWER, Griffith REVIEW explores the changing relationship between women and power in public and private spheres, here and abroad.

Are women accepted as equal partners in politics in Australia? Would the introduction of quotas mean that men with higher merit are overlooked?

Should a woman act as ‘one of the boys’ in order to get ahead? Can a woman be too good at sport? Are women their own worst enemy?

Does the cut of Julia Gillard’s jacket matter?

WOMEN & POWER brings provocative and insightful perspectives on these questions and many more through a fascinating mix of memoir, reportage, essays and fiction.

Contributors include Anne Summers, Chris Wallace, Mary Delahunty, Jo Chandler, Mischa Merz, Tegan Bennett Daylight and many more…


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