Josephine Ulrick Prizes

Griffith Review is delighted to publish to the winners of the 2016 Josephine Ulrick Poetry and Literature Prizes.

Until 2016, the Griffith University Josephine Ulrick Prizes were awarded annually to Australian poets and writers for a single poem or short story. The prize was established in 1997 by Win Schubert, director of the Art Galleries Schubert on the Gold Coast, in celebration of the dynamic life of her gallery manager and close friend, Josephine Ulrick.

The prizes were funded by Griffith University and administered by the School of Humanities in agreement with the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Foundation for the Arts.

About Josephine Ulrick

Josephine Ulrick was born on 17 June 1952 and died on 10 January 1997. She was herself a writer and a poet as well as a great patron of the arts. Her role as curator of the Galleries Schubert made her a vital and inspirational mentor for the artists of South-East Queensland. She recognised great talent and strove to nurture it, encouraging many artists to achieve their full potential. She will be remembered by those with whom she shared her creativity, knowledge and passion for life.

The Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Foundation for the Arts – and national prizes such as the Josephine Ulrick Prize – were set up in order that her name live on. This award continues the excellence she encouraged in the creative arts.