Tracy Crisp

Tracy Crisp grew up in Port Pirie and Adelaide. She studied in China and Mexico, lived in New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates and has returned to Adelaide to establish her funeral consultancy, Vivimento. Her second novel, Surrogate, is set in the Royal Adelaide Hospital and will be published by Wakefield Press in 2017.


Fly in, fly far away

MemoirTHE ARGUMENT IN the car starts the way it always does. One brother’s arm is around the other’s shoulders, the two are wrestling, both are laughing and then the eldest uses too much force, the youngest screams and from...

Destination: Adelaide

EssayIN THE DAYS when seatbelts were optional and parents smoked in the car without a second thought, Adelaide was a destination. We visited my grandfather. He gave us bags of copper coins and we spent them in department stores....

Scapho is Greek for boat

MemoirWE HAVE PUSHED our way through the strong heat of Adelaide's hottest summer since nineteen-o-something to get here, but there is nowhere to rest. We get to the door and are faced with a blur of faces: children and...

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