Tim Bonyhady


Tim Bonyhady’s books include the prize–winning Good Living Street: The Fortunes of my Viennese Family (Allen & Unwin and Pantheon, 2011) and, most recently, The Enchantment of the Long–haired Rat: A Rodent History of Australia (Text Publishing, 2019). He teaches in the ANU College of Law at the Australian National University. His piece ‘My grandfather’s head’ was published in Griffith Review 48: Enduring Legacies.


Lords of the ring

EssayVIENNA’S RINGSTRASSE, BUILT from 1865 on the site of the old city wall, has long been derided for its architecture. Because it is a domain of revivalist styles, including neo-Renaissance, neo-Baroque and neo-Gothic, modernists have been contemptuous. But the...

My grandfather’s head

MemoirI FORGOT THE ‘great pogrom’, as my grandmother Edith Bonyhady called Kristallnacht with the voice of experience. I was booking a flight to Vienna where Good Living Street (Allen & Unwin, 2011), my book about my great-grandmother Hermine Gallia,...

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