Tess Brady

Tess Brady is co-author, with Donna Lee Brien, of The Girl’s Guide to Real Estate: How to enjoy investing in property (Allen & Unwin, 2002) and The Girl’s Guide to work and life: How to create the life you want (Allen & Unwin, 2004).

She has taught Writing at the University of South Australia, Griffith University and Deakin University. With Associate Professor Nigel Krauth she was founding editor of TEXT which she co-edited for 9 years.


Putting up fences

SatireLIKE MOST OF the women I walked with in the park, I was renovating a house; getting it ready for sale. It's Melbourne and we were all caught in a-property-in-my-suburb-went-up-a-stunning-55-per-cent-last-quarter kind of talk. We used to talk about overseas...

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