Sheila Fitzpatrick

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Sheila Fitzpatrick is a Professor of modern Russian history at the University of Chicago.

Her books include Everyday Stalinism (2000), Tear off the Masks! Identity and Imposture in Twentieth-Century Russia (2005) and My Father’s Daughter. Memories of an Australian Childhood (2010).

She is the editor (with Stuart Macintyre) of Against the Grain: Brian Fitzpatrick and Manning Clark in Australian History and Politics (2007) and (with Carolyn Rasmussen) of Political Tourists. Travellers from Australia to the Soviet Union in the 1920s–1940s (2008).

A regular contributor to The London Review of Books, she is currently working on a memoir of Moscow in the 1960s.


Can you write a history of yourself?

GR Online‘EVERY HISTORIAN SHOULD write an autobiography,’ wrote the historian AJP Taylor, introducing his own, A Personal History (1983). ‘The experience teaches us to distrust our sources which are often autobiographical.’ In other words, it teaches us humility about the basis of the...

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