Rosaleen Love

Rosaleen Love is an honorary research associate at Monash and Latrobe universities, Melbourne. Her most recent books are the non-fiction Reefscape. Reflections on the Great Barrier Reef (Joseph Henry Press, 2001) and a collection of short fiction, The Traveling Tide (Aqueduct Press, 2005).

She grew up in sub-tropical Queensland surrounded by science and writing and attended Ipswich Girls’ Grammar prior to studying science at the University of Queensland and at Cambridge University. Love undertook her PhD studies at the University of Melbourne during the 1970s.

Rosaleen has lectured in the history and philosophy of science and in professional writing, teaching at the Swinburne University of Technolgy and the Victoria University of Technology.


Corals under siege

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My friend the fridge

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A perverse appeal

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