Robyn Davidson


Multi-award winning Australian author Robyn Davidson was born in 1950, on a cattle property in outback Queensland, Australia. In 1977, she travelled alone with camels across 1700 miles of Australian desert. The story of that journey was first published in National Geographic and later became the book Tracks which was subsequently translated into 16 languages and was a best-seller in ten counties. Robyn is the only women to win travel literature’s prestigious Thomas Cook Travel Book Award.

Robyn’s other books include Travelling Light, a collection of essays, Ancestors and Desert Places which chronicles the 2 years she spent travelling through North West India with a caste of pastoral nomads. She is presently working on a fictionalised memoir and a book and series of documentary films on the fate of traditional forms of nomadism in the modern world.


Return of the camel lady

MemoirDARWIN IS COMING up somewhere ahead, in the dark. Thirty hours semicircling the Earth to get here, in which time the moon has turned the right way up and summer has passed into winter. I check the internal landscape...

Beyond the refuge of numbers

MemoirTHE HUMAN MIND, when faced with the need to calculate figures higher than, say, the fingers of two hands, abstracted numbers from the immediate and sensual to the colder, more distant realm of statistics. When people become statistics, our...

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