Peter Cochrane


Peter Cochrane is an honorary associate in the Department of History, University of Sydney.

His most recent book is the novella Governor Bligh and the Short Man (Penguin, 2013).

A forthcoming essay on the World War I diaries collection at the State Library of New South Wales will appear in Humanities Australia (no. 6, 2015) in May–June.


The past is not sacred

EssayTHE TERM ‘HISTORY wars’ is best known in Australia for summing up the fierce debate over the nature and extent of frontier conflict, with profound implications for the legitimacy of the British settlement and thus for national legitimacy today. That...

Stories from the dustbin

Essay‘A WRITER,' DECLARED the novelist Thomas Mann, ‘is someone for whom writing is harder than it is for other people.' University-based historians working in Australian history are fast learning the truth of Mann's little dictum. In schools and universities...

Exploring the historical imagination

EssayIT HAS BEEN said of George Macaulay Trevelyan that he was gifted with a 'vivid pictorial sense'. True enough, but consider for instance an extract from the opening to his biography of Earl Grey, Grey of Fallodon (1937):Fallodon has...

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