Paul Monk

Dr Paul Monk is Managing Director of Austhink Consulting. He is also an essayist on cultural and geopolitical affairs in the major media, public speaker and facilitator. His doctorate in International Relations was a study of the capacity of the United States government to learn and think in its Cold War counter-insurgency campaigns against Communism in South East Asia and Central America.

He has taught strategic studies and Chinese politics at university and is the author of Thunder From the Silent Zone: Rethinking China (Scribe 2005), which emphasizes the need for critical thinking in coming to grips with the rise of Chinese power in our time. It was shortlisted, in 2006, for both the Gleebooks Prize for non-fiction in New South Wales, and The Age Book of the Year in Victoria.

Paul is a public intellectual, whose essays on many topics have appeared over the past decade in Quadrant, the Friday review section of The Australian Financial Review,Griffth REVIEW and elsewhere. He is also the author ofFair Choices: Flexibility and Negotiating Power in the Workplace (Connor Court, 2007).


Fantasy, paranoia, enthusiasm and reality

EssayThe peaceful revolution that swept away Communist rule in Czechoslovakia six months ago was engineered by leaders of the secret police in Moscow and Prague, according to a BBC documentary. It said secret police leaders in both countries jointly...

Learning to see

PolicyIn my experience, the efficiency of an intelligence service depends ... on the willingness of those who receive its information to pay attention to it when it contradicts their own opinions.– Markus Wolf (former East German spy master), 1997There...

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