Marlene Krasovitsky


Marlene Krasovitsky is the Campaign Director, Older Australians, with The Benevolent Society. Prior to this role, Marlene was the Director of ‘Willing to Work’, the National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination Against Older Australians and Australians with Disability with the Australian Human Rights Commission. Marlene has worked in Commonwealth and state government in a range of executive, policy and operational roles. She was recently awarded her PhD from the University of Sydney, with a thesis on Royal Commissions.


The truth about growing older

GR OnlineWhen ageing is framed as a problem, we can be persuaded to buy things to ‘fix’ or ‘stop’ it. And when we can be persuaded that ageing is a disease, and natural transitions are pathologised, we can be persuaded to buy things to ‘cure’ it. The driving force here is capitalism...

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