Mark Chou

Mark Chou is currently a doctoral student in international relations at the University of Queensland.

His research is on the relationship that existed between democracy and tragedy in ancient Athens, insights which he uses to engage contemporary international politics.

His published works can be found in academic journals, including Millennium: Journal of International Studies and Critical Horizons.


Just another suicide?

GR OnlineEACH DAY SOME day two and a half million commuters pass through the turnstiles at Tokyo's Ikebukuro metro station. For the uninitiated the experience can be so exhilarating it is overwhelming. Thousands of passengers crowd its platforms with little...

Two quarrels

GR OnlinePLATO TELLS THIS story.[i] Set in 433 BCE, it has as its backdrop an Athenian city-state at the peak of its renown and yet facing a precipice; a war of disastrous proportions is brewing across the Peloponnese and, unknown...

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