Margaret Merrilees


Margaret Merrilees’ debut novel The First Week (Wakefield Press, 2013) was published after winning the Wakefield Press Unpublished Manuscript Award at Adelaide Writers’ Week. It was later shortlisted for the Barbara Jefferis Award and for a NSW Premier’s Literary Award.

In 2014, Wakefield Press published her Fables Queer & Familiar (illustrated by Chia Moan). The Fables are also broadcast on Radio Adelaide as a weekly serial.

In 2015 Margaret represented Flinders University at The Outstanding Field: Artistic Research Emerging From the Academy, a Melbourne symposium organised by the DDCA to showcase some of the best practice-led PhD projects from the last decade of creative arts programs in Australia and New Zealand.


The bone garden

MemoirAN OLD MAN is sitting by his fireside, candlelight illuminating a halo of wisps around his bald head. He puts aside his Guardian Weekly and stares into the fire, toothless jaws working rhythmically. His pre-dinner ration, self-imposed, is five...

Sighting Rottnest

PoetryRottnest Island (Wadjemup) – 32°S 115°31'E – 18 km off shore – Western Australia AUTUMN rough serious blue seapale sky, pale spiregreen grey island All that year I caught the train to and from work, swaying silently, waiting for the stretch between...

The digestion of history

MemoirWE ARE WEDGED around the edges of my grandmother's dining table. It is a large and imposing table, but has come down in the world. It is now fitted (how did they do it?) into a small suburban room...

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