Marcus Westbury


Marcus Westbury is an urbanist, writer, broadcaster and sometime festival director who is the founder of Renew Newcastle, Renew Australia and several other things.

He is currently working on a record breaking crowd-funded book,Creating Cities that will be released mid year and is writing and presenting a new ABC TV called Bespoke that will air in August.


Resurrection myths

MemoirI WAS BORN dead. I didn't breathe. Maybe I didn't want to. Perhaps I was simply over-thinking it. I do that. Holding back nervously. Contemplating for just a bit too long whether I actually wanted to sign on to...

Once a professional token youth

EssayIT'S OFFICIAL. AS of August 2006, my last youth-related engagement ends. For nearly a decade, I have worked on youth-related arts and media projects – often cynically describing myself as a "professional token youth". Having reached my early thirties...

Fluid cities create

EssayWHAT MAKES A city culturally dynamic? What makes a city the sort of place that people want to visit, move to and explore? What makes a city the sort of place that spits out or draws in artists, musicians,...

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