Luke Slattery

Luke Slattery is an honorary Greek of Irish ancestry who lives in Sydney.

He is a journalist, columnist and book critic whose work has appeared in numerous publications including The Australian, The Age and the Internatonal Herald Tribune.

His second book, Dating Aphrodite: modern adventures in the ancient world was published by ABC Books in 2005.


Great Dane

EssayAT THE OUTBREAK of World War II the Nordic economies of Finland, Sweden and Denmark were amongst Europe's most backward. Neither cars nor furnishings were manufactured for export in great numbers. There was no world-leading cinema, technology, architecture or...

Falling to earth

MemoirGRACE DIED THIS March , in her ninety-ninth year. We had been willing her towards the big one hundred, urging her on. For myself, I'd been offering up the prayers of the faithless: arid incantations that they are. It...

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