Lucy Mayes


Lucy Mayes is a writer, social worker, massage therapist and former lawyer. 

She writes and runs workshops on her interests and skills in economic, community, sustainable, health, youth, personal and spiritual development. 

She is currently working on a book called Beyond the Stethoscope: Restoring Hope, Heart and Healing in Medicine.


Beyond the stethoscope

Essay‘THERE WOULDN’T BE a day goes by that I don’t think about giving up.’ It’s a cold winter’s morning as we huddle together over an early breakfast. Doctor X speaks rapidly, fidgets incessantly with her spoon, and darts looks...

Tree changers moving and shaking

GR OnlineIT IS 1.15 pm on a blistering Saturday in early 2003. I have missed the newsagents and will not be kept company by the Saturday Age this week. Heat from the footpath radiates up my skirt and sweat trickles and pools...

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