Lois Calvert

Lois Calvert is a Tasmanian born writer and educator who now lives in Canberra.

She has taught writing and literature in ACT high schools and secondary colleges, and has been a tutor with the Adult Migrant English Service.

She has previously published The Johnsons of Castle Hill: The story of a Tasmanian family, which is now out of print. An online version should become available in 2015.

She is currently working on a book of essays built around the experience of the displaced Norfolk Islanders sent to Van Diemen’s Land in 1808.

She has also written about her experience as the mother of a son with Down Syndrome.


Digging for yams

GR OnlineEMILY IS TEACHING me. I am learning about Yams, and so much more. My teacher, Emily Kam Ngwarray, died on 3 September 1996, but each time I study one of her Yam paintings she is alive and present. Like...

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