Laurie Hergenhan (dec.)

Laurie Hergenhan was emeritus professor of Australian literature, University of Queensland, and a former editor of Australian Literary Studies.

He was a frequent visitor to Turkey, published many travel articles about the country and developed a deep interest in its culture.

His books include The Australian Short Story (UQP, 1992), and Xavier Herbert: Letters (UQP, 2002, co-edited with Frances De Groen).


A lasting sorrow

EssayAUSTRALIANS ARE EAGER to learn ever more about the Australian side of the Gallipoli conflict, but not the Turkish experience. Similarly, there is growing interest in Australia's participation in the Vietnam War but little attempt to understand what it...

Gallipoli’s lifetime legacy

ReviewAUSTRALIAN ACCOUNTS OF Gallipoli concentrate on the fighting there and the effects on civilian life back home. The Turkish side of the military conflict has received scant attention, life behind the lines none at all. Documentaries on Gallipoli do...

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