Laura Jan Shore


Laura Jan Shore was born in the UK, raised in the US and immigrated to the Byron shire,
Australia in 1996.

Author of the YA novel The Sacred Moon Tree (Bradbury Press, 1986), Laura’s poetry has
appeared in literary magazines and anthologies on four continents. She also helped
establish the independent Dangerously Poetic Press.

She has won the 2006 CJ Dennis ‘Open Poetry’ Literary Award, 2009 FAW John Shaw
Nielson Award and the 2012 Martha Richardson Poetry Award.

Her latest book, Water over Stone (Interactive Press, 2011), won IP Picks Best Poetry 2011.

Her work has been published in anthologies and literary journals on four continents, including The Best Australian Poems 2013 (Black Inc.).



PoetryThe rosy she-oak table gleams, laden with bowls of steamy stew, a bottle of red and four glasses. The glissando of our voices. She tells the story of her garbage bin. The stink which turns out to be a rat, which gnawed open a crack...

When I look upon the suffering

PoetryIn Afghanistan, a widow receives my monthly stipend, a small apology as I monitor my intake of news, post a cheque but can’t stomach the photos.   My widow’s daughters, swathed in black, don’t attend school, they’re shadowed even in the marketplace by the insistent drone –   a Reaper, navigated by a pilot in...

Ghost figs

GR OnlineOnce, magpies squabbled overheadwhile kookaburras stared.At dusk, our car was a boatin a tide of cattle,tails swishing, bitumen studdedwith steamy dung. The road un-scrolled to reveala python basking in the last rays.We travelled slower then, windowsun-wound through a tunnel of...


PoetryYou never tire of the sky,caught within the frame and sash,spun sugar, your tongue can almost tastebefore it melts away.You bask in brushstrokesmilky blue,where white fire congealsinto shaggy buffalo and swans.Mornings are paleto match the tint of these four...

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