Kirsha Kaechele was born in California and grew up in Guam and Japan. She lives in Tasmania, with her boyfriend in his museum, MONA. David Walsh (her boyfriend) stole her from New Orleans where she transformed a block of abandoned houses in the St Roch ghetto into KKProjects/Life is Art Foundation, an anti-white box installation art gallery.

In Sonoma, California, she founded a sister land-art space and medical marijuana farm to support it, funding art with drugs until she met a rich gambler.

At MONA, Kaechele started MoMa Market, a creative take on the traditional community market. She generally tries to mess MONA up as she finds it too perfect. For this reason she started the market on its rooftop, builds teepees that are chicken coops and is starting the farm that will feed the Museum.

As an artist, Kaechele's preferred medium is the feast – grand dinners for 300 guests at one table where everything is art – table, cutlery, delivery of courses, and the dishes themselves.

Kaechele is interested in the transformation of everyday spaces and experiences into art, providing surprise and delight to unsuspecting patrons in unlikely environments. She is also interested in projects that restore the environment.

Pieces by Kirsha Kaechele

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