Ken Mulvaney


Ken Mulvaney is an adjunct professor with the Centre for Rock Art Research and Management at the University of Western Australia.

He lives at Dampier on the Burrup Peninsula, where he is actively engaged in promoting and protecting heritage values through working with Aboriginal custodians and NGOs.

His research has established a sequence for the Dampier rock art. He is author of many articles on rock art and Aboriginal culture, and Murujuga Marni (University of Western Australia Press, 2014), is the first book-length scientific study of this world-significant rock art.


Ancient treasures

EssayFROM A SCIENTIFIC perspective, Aboriginal people entered the landmass of Sahul (greater Australia) more than fifty thousand years ago and were in the Pilbara region of Western Australia by 42,000 BP (Before Present). There they etched marks and images...

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