Katherine Collette


Katherine Collette is the internationally published author of two novels for adults, The Helpline and The Competition. She’s written and illustrated (in cartoons) the children’s book series The Too Tall Tales of Alma T Best, due for publication in September 2024. She hosts the podcast The Next Step (a spin-off of The First Time), which features interviews with writers, comedians and entrepreneurs about creativity and mindset. She also coaches writers. Her cartoons and writing advice can be found at @katherinecollettewriter on Instagram or via her Substack (katherinecollette.substack.com)  


Weird feelings  

GR OnlineEngineering is all about taking a complex thing, breaking it down into its smallest parts, then working out the connections or sequencing between the parts. Cartoons are kind of the same. I like trying to apply a sense of logic to an emotion or feeling.

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