Kate Holden

Kate Holden was born in 1972 and went to progressive community schools and the University of Melbourne, where she studied classics and literature.

She also has a graduate diploma in professional writing and editing and a Masters in Creative Writing from RMIT.

Her first book, the bestselling In My Skin: A memoir was published by Text in 2005 to critical acclaim and sold to ten countries. Kate has also written a popular column for The Age for several years as well as widely published essays, short stories, and literary criticism. Her second book The Romantic was released in 2010.


Don Quixote in Shanghai

Memoir'GLAD YOU MADE it,′ said my friend. 'I cannot but believe,′ said I to myself, 'that when the history of my famous achievements shall be given to the world, the learned author will begin it in this very manner,...

After the words

MemoirMY PAST HAS not quite perished, nor would I want it to. The events described in my second memoir, The Romantic (Text, 2010), took place years ago and in another country – but the wench is not dead, only...

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