Kate Boyer

Kate Boyer is a lecturer in human geography at Cardiff University in Wales.  

She has research interests in social, cultural and feminist geography, and is especially interested in how place and space come to have meaning, together with how these processes intersect with understandings of gender and embodiment.  In addition to her work in Australia with Drs Mayes and Pini, she has researched geographies of care and embodiment as relating to breastfeeding (especially breastfeeding in public) and new parents’ experiences of mobility and immobility.  

She has studied and worked in the US, Canada and the UK, and published work in such journals as Progress in Human GeographyAntipodeGender, Place and Culture and Feminist Theory.


Becoming Kalgoorlie

GR OnlineON OUR FIRST day in Kalgoorlie, a local woman in her mid-thirties tells us that ‘Kal wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for mining and prostitution’. In the ensuing days many others would tell us the same thing. More explicitly,...

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