Joanna Kujawa

Joanna Kujawa was awarded a PhD by Monash University for her thesis “Migration, Belonging, Alienation” in 2005.

She has published short stories and essays in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Poland.

She currently lives in Melbourne.


Explorers, writers and other creative strangers

EssayIn homage to Lech Paszkowski and all creative strangersIN THE IMMIGRATION office in Paris, I had one chance to convince the person in charge why I should be allowed to stay. Someone in the waiting room cried as he...

Nomadic tendencies

EssayON MY THIRTIETH birthday – a while ago – a friend showed me a cartoon parody of a high-school reunion. It depicted a group of thirtysomethings reuniting two decades after graduation. One of them boasted, 'I have a secure...

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