Jenny Hocking

Jenny Hocking FASSA is emeritus professor at Monash University and the inaugural distinguished Whitlam fellow with the Whitlam Institute at Western Sydney University. She is the author of three biographies, including the award-winning two-volume biography of Gough Whitlam, Gough Whitlam: A Moment in History (MUP, 2008) and Gough Whitlam: His Time (MUP, 2012). Her latest book is The Dismissal Dossier: The Palace Connection (MUP, 2017).

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Archival secrets and hidden histories

EssayIN DECEMBER 2005, Gough Whitlam was at the National Archives of Australia in Canberra speaking on the occasion of the third and final release of Cabinet records of the Whitlam government. It was hot, mid-summer, and Whitlam was just...

Relics of colonialism

EssayWe will make better decisions on all the great issues of the day and for the century to come, if we better understand the past. Gough Whitlam[i] THE CELEBRATION OF the ‘Queen’s birthday’ in Australia is a perfect reflection of a fading,...

Gough’s war

EssayIt took Gough’s war years and his time in the RAAF, freed from the happy but sheltered home life of a public servant’s son, to turn Whitlam into a politician.Craig McGregor, Good Weekend, October 1988 IN JULY 1944, stationed with...

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