Jane R Goodall


Jane R Goodall is emeritus professor with the Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University, specialising in cultural history and the dynamics of cultural change.

She contributes regularly to Inside Story, and her most recent book is The Politics of the Common Good (NewSouth, 2019).



Joining forces

EssayTHESE ARE ANGRY times. The Earth itself is angry. Flames roar through the land, human tempers flare and the political world is angrier than it has been since the 1960s. A furious sixteen-year-old rails at the United Nations in...

Cracking the dress code

EssayGERMAINE GREER HAD been responding to a questioner on the ABC's Q&A program (March 19, 2012), who asked what advice the panel would give to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard on her image problem. Gillard's style was dry and...

Bucharest in recovery

Essay'WHAT YOU HAVE to consider is who visited Bucharest. Bucharest was the point of contact for trade unionists and politicians who were wary of going to Moscow.' This is Gough Whitlam speaking in response to questions at a Senate enquiry...

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