Ian Wedde


Ian Wedde is a poet, novelist, curator and essayist. He was New Zealand’s poet laureate 2011–2013.

His most recent books are a monograph, Bill Culbert: Making Light Work (Auckland University Press, 2009), a novel, The Catastrophe (Victoria University Press, 2011) and a collection of poems, The Lifeguard (Auckland University Press, 2013).


O Salutaris

EssayO sa-a-lu-ta-a-ris * ho-o-sti-i-aQuae cae-ae-li pa-an-dis * o-sti-umBe-lla-a praemunt * hosti-i-li-aDa ro * bur fe-er au-xi-li-um Uni-i tri-no-o-que * Do-o-mi-i-noSit se-em-pi-ter-r-na * glo-ri-aQui vi-i-tam si * ne ter-r-mi-noNobis * do-ne-et * in pa-tri-a PA HENARE TATE, the elderly Catholic priest who...

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