Gregory O’Brien


Gregory O’Brien is a Wellington-based poet, essayist, painter and curator, whose recent publications include a collection of poems, Beauties of the Octagonal Pool (Auckland University Press, 2012), and a monograph on painter Euan Macleod (Piper Press, Sydney, 2010).

An earlier meditation on oceanic matters, News of the swimmer reaches shore, appeared from Carcanet (UK) and Victoria University Press in 2007.


Whale Survey, Raoul Island, with Rosemary Dobson

PoetryTwo poets on a headland, mid-survey might pause suddenly and say will this be your whale, or mine? Moving, accordingly, from one observation area to the next, a whale is ‘handed over’. Please take it. No, you first.Early morning spent...

Patterns of migration

EssayAN EEL, LIKE an artist or writer, carries its immediate past around with it: if an eel wants to know where it has been, it just spins its head 180 degrees and stares down the length of its tell-tale...

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